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Customer Segments

Family with young children

- The comfortable way to monitor fever.


To give you real-time, continuous remote access to your loved one's temperature, and instantly alerts you when the temperature reaches a customizable threshold.


You and other caregivers can monitor your loved one--or loved ones--at the same time through cloud monitor service.


A Better Way to help You to Reduce Stress and Release Nervous Tension.


Mature people keeping track

-Easy to Use


Take care of your family multiple members in anywhere, any time.


You and other caregivers can monitor your loved one--or loved ones--at the same time through cloud monitor service.


to keep track of your medication and alerts you when it’s time to take your meds.


To support “many-to-many” temperature monitoring, making it possible to view readings from multiple Temp Pals on multiple devices simultaneously.


People monitoring their fitness


Many top athletes train to be able to perform physically and mentally.


It is common to monitor heartrate with the exercise and competitive situations to analyze performance and optimize fitness and health programs for the athletes.


Now it is possible to also measure body temperature and add that to the analysis.


For healthy top performance, endurance and fast reflexes/reaction.

Temp pal by


If you recognize your customers in one of below descriptions, Temp Pal is offering a

quality consumer products.Designed to make the healthy life easy, pleasant,

and maybe even fun.


Couples who plan to start a family?

Family with young children?

Mature people keeping track?

People monitoring their fitness?


Temp Pal is Designed for real life & your family needs:

Wireless thermometer & smart-app, tracks fever and Basal Body Temperature.

Together with an intuitive easy to use app Temp Pal is developed to take the

discomfort and stress out of measuring body temperature.


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Couples who plan to start a family

- The easy way to get the BBT Chart


Charting your ovulation is one of the most important steps you can take to increase your chances of getting pregnant.


However, there are some conditions to be obeyed: get up early (at same time), long period observation and record.


Temp Pal records your temperature at the same, optimal time every day before you get up. With Temp Pal, you can have a good night’s SLEEP!


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